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Heading North [Bali – Travel Like Local]

Heading North [Bali – Travel Like Local]

Bali, the Island of Gods.

That’s what I heard all my life. I grew up with a dream to one day visit this beautiful island, even though I am a 100% Indonesian.
And yes, I did.

I visited Bali for the first time at 2016, and has been going around back and forth, because you know what, you’ll never get enough of Bali.

So okay, here’s some tips for those who is planning to go to Bali, of course with some local taste.

We (me and my friends) started our journey with an early flight from Cengkareng, Jakarta. It cost around 500.000 – 700.000 IDR/pax for one way trip, depends on the season. We booked our returning flight for around 600.000 – 750.000 IDR/pax.
So in total, that would be around 1.200.000 – 1.500.000 IDR/pax for flight ticket.

Tips on planning your flight:
Book your ticket as soon as you get your schedule fixed. The sooner, the better.
Find out about Indonesian public holiday before you book your tickets. Indonesians have a lot of public holiday during a year Take 2018 for example. There are 18 public holidays along the year. Those holidays would affect the flight rates, and of course, messing around with your budget.
You might want to consider using online ticketing application/websites for easiest and sometimes cheaper rates. You can book a ticket for 3 months ahead.


We are travelling as a group of nine. For this case, we rented a mini bus with local driver. If you’re travelling by yourself or with a friend, I would recommend to rent motorcycle instead for only 80.000 – 100.000 IDR /day. Most foreign tourist choose that option as well. More exposure to the amazing weather, more friendly to your pocket.

The mini bus costs around 700.000 IDR/12 hours, included the driver. Other than the initial cost, we need to prepare for gasoline, driver’s lunch and tips (we don’t want our driver starves, aren’t we?). There will be extra charge for overtime.
In total that would be 950.000 IDR for our first day trip.

Tips on preparing your transportation:
Find a suitable transportation for you. If you’re travelling by yourself or with a friend, motorcycle would be the best option. If you’re travelling with family, rent a car.
Use a local driver if you’re not sure about your mapping skill. Do not worry about their language ability. Most of Bali’s local drivers can speak English, and some even another languages.
If you haven’t found a rental transportation by the time you arrived, you can ask your hotel. Hotel usually have connection with local rental transportation.


We arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport of Bali around 8.30 AM, pretty much on time to start an exploration.
Our driver already there to pick us up and we went directly to our first destination.


(‘Bawah Pohon’ Pork Satay)

We had no time for breakfast, so we decided to find something nice to eat.

(For those who doesn’t eat pork, this is not for you, fellas.)

Sate Babi Bawah Pohon is a famous traditional food stall in Bali among local tourist. They sell a portion of pork satay for 30.000 IDR, complete with rice or lontong (rice cake). Do not come here after lunch, they probably run out by that time.
Bawah Pohon literally means ‘under the tree’, because the food stall itself located literally under a big tree. It was relocated to a new place in 2017, but not too far away from the original location.



Sate Babi Bawah Pohon
Jalan Dewi Sri IV, Campuhan I,
Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali



After a good breakfast in Kuta, we headed north to Ubud. Around 1 hour and a half we arrived at Ubud Temple.
There are no special occation during our visit, so the temple was not really crowd. In the other hands, it was pretty much peaceful.

The temple itself located near Ubud Market.

Ubud Market is one of the famous big market in Bali, the other being Sukowati Market. You will find a lot of traditional art or clothing all around the street. The price here is cheaper than prices in Kuta Market for example.

And here, my friend, your negotiation skill will be tested.
Being in a market means you can haggle your price to the cheapest. But being a tourist, means the seller won’t get easy on us. They might charge you higher if you’re not being careful. That is not bad at all, that is just how business work.


So here’s a little tips on how to shop like local in Bali markets:
Ask more than one shops for your references. Don’t get stuck in a shop. There are a lot of shops around the block. You might find a thing you want to buy in the next shop with cheaper price.
Limit your budget for shopping in one market. You might end up in more than one market along your holiday in Bali. So when you visit a market, make sure to spend according to your budget plan. Who knows you find another amazing things to buy in another market.
Try ask them to give you local price. This one is fun to try. Tell them, “Kasih saya harga lokal yah”. If the seller found you funny, they might lower the price.
Tell them if they give you lower price, you will come again and recommend their shop to your friend. Again, this might touch the seller’s heart leads you to cheaper price.



Satisfied enough with Ubud, our driver took us to one of restaurant nearby, Bebek Joni Restaurant, to have lunch. Yes, we were hungry, we weren’t thinking clearly, just want to sit and eat.

Bebek Joni Restaurant is serving traditional foods, as well some western menu. I ordered a rice package with betutu chicken.

This place is quite pricey, even for locals. I spent around 125.000 IDR for my lunch. I should be honest, the taste wasn’t really worth the price.

I read online and found out many of local drivers would recommend this place because many tourists came here. It was indeed. When we arrived, almost all tables filled with tourist, local and foreign.

Although the food are average and pricey, this restaurant over us a superb view of rice field. Me and my friends took a photo session while waiting for the food to be ready (yes, it took around 30 – 45 minutes, enough for a one photo session, right?)

Bebek Joni Restaurant
Jl. Raya Goa Gajah, Ubud, Bali


(Penglipuran Village)

Last destination on our list that day is Desa Penglipuran (Penglipuran Village).

Penglipuran Village is a traditional village of Bali, listed as one of the most beautiful village in the world. The village surrounded by traditional houses of Bali and temples.

Spare your time to visit this beautiful place, because from here, you can see the pure beauty of Bali.




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