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Me, Acrophobia and the Unstoppable Rock [Dummy Review “Skyscraper”]

Me, Acrophobia and the Unstoppable Rock [Dummy Review “Skyscraper”]


at least in the movie. Let’s find out about this building with my terrifying experience.

Full of spoilers, proceed with your own conciousness.



The Pearl – Hongkong a 3500 ft skyscraper, 777 ft taller than Burj Khalifa (which according to this movie is 2723 ft) is the main attraction of this movie.
The other main attraction, of course, The Rock himself.

Tallest building, fire, trapped on level 90-ish.
Just sounds like my nightmare. Ha-ha.

Yes, I have acrophobia, which if you don’t know:

Extreme or irrational fear of heights.

But anyhow, I went to see this movie.


One thing I want to highlight from this movie is: The Rock is unstoppable!
I mean look at his movies these past years:
– Fighting giant animal in Hercules
– Navigating crumbling city with a helicopter in San Andreas
– Escape the jungle in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
– Fight giant animal who escaped the jungle while navigating a crumbling city with a helicopter in Rampage
– And now he is going to be chased by a helicopter into a crumbling building in Skyscraper.
Dang! The Rock knows his thing.

[I LOVE YOU HONEST TRAILER! Seriously guys, watch them]


The movie started pretty much like the trailer.
A FBI agent, went into a rescue mission and ended up losing his leg, landed a job to evaluate the tallest building in the world, The Pearl.
He has a happy family, a small security company with major contract with a Hongkong billionaire, what could go wrong?
Of course everything could go wrong when the building is attacked by a terrorist with personal vengence.

That what we learned from the trailer.
Mark my word, fellas, not everything in the trailer ended in the movie.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is Will Sawyer, the brave former FBI agent. He has a beautiful badass wife whom he met after that fateful accident, and two wonderful kids.
But hey, let’s just focus on Will Sawyer. Because well, no doubt, this movie biggest attraction is The Rock and his action.

Full of Unrealistic Badass Action

As unrealistic as it seems (yeah, you could see the poster and how fast it become memes), this movie is terrifying for a person with acrophobia. I screamed like in every scene involved Sawyer jump and almost fall to the ground from what? 98th FLOOR! OH MY HEART.
Will Sawyer is not a human.
I mean if he is a human, he would die like many times.

Before all things messed up, he got into a fight with his former colleague/BFF after finding out he is one of the baddie. His friend died dramatically fought over a gun. That could be Sawyer.
Death Sawyer count : 1
He could die when he climbed the tower crane across The Pearl. I mean the wind there was no joke, even with his bulky body.
Death Sawyer count : 2
He could also die when he crossed the tower crane bridge while being shooting by police in a helicopter. HE FREAKING RUN, DUDE!
Death Sawyer count : 3
Running while being shoot, and jumped to The Pearl without anything attached to him, no rope, no cable, no equipment whatsoever. No science can explain how he survived.
Death Sawyer count : 4
Although he survived, he got nasty jab on his shoulder. He just fixed it with tape!
Dang, if that’s not manly, then what?
But he could have died by blood poisoning though.
Death Sawyer count : 5
Then he found his family, successfully sent his wife and son to the rescue, but need to safe his daughter who captured by the terrorist. Guess what, they sent him to open the metal door where Zhao Long Ji (Chin Han), the billionaire, shut himself. A suicide mission I might say. Because the door can only be opened from the panel located outside the building where the only way available to reach the panel is through walking outside the building.
Ah, yes, walking outside the building.
But before that he need to break the window glass with a huge statue. Like throwing it againts the glass until it scattered, in the process almost throwing himself out from 220th floor.
Death Sawyer count : 6
(Not) surprise! He survived.
And he continued his mission, walking outside the building. This time with only rope attached to him. He should be death the moment he stepped out of the building.
Death Sawyer count : 7
But again, he survived.
He walked and even successfully went to the other side of the building. His goal was the turbine on the other side. So he tied his safety rope in a small stick that just happened to be there and proceed to turbine.
How he reach the turbine? Jump, of course, while counting so the turbine will not hit him.
Death Sawyer count : 8
Don’t you think it was a one way trip, he needed to make his way back.
So he cut the cable to open that annoying metal door, in the same time changing the huge turbine routine. Voila! The fire below smashed up. So he run. And jumped. And fell.
Death Sawyer count : 9
But not feel to his death. Luckily, his leg get caught with his safety rope. His prosthetic limbs. A-ha!
You didn’t forget that he lost his leg, right?
And slowly the prosthetic limbs detached from his body. He is so freaking dead.
Death Sawyer count : 10
Somehow he managed to grab the rope and climbed up to the window glass.
Yes, climbed without any safety equipment. Only rope and Will Sawyer.
Death Sawyer count : 11
Mission accomplished.
Or is it?
The door he went so hard to open was shutting down (Imma laugh hard here). So he run, and almost crushed.
Death Sawyer count : 12
Thanks to his prosthetic limbs, he survived and met Zhao.

But this is not the end of our count.
They both survived and faced Kores Botha (Roland Møller), the lead terrorist.
And they were fighting in the room full of mirror. I’m going to add 2 death here, because it was too messy and they could have died anytime soon.
Death Sawyer count : 14
Because they were fighting with guns and bombs, the glass room of course collapsed in some part.
The biggest part is the huge hole in the center, directly to the ground. And Sawyer almost fell into that hole.
Death Sawyer count : 15
After the bad guys down, the fire finally reached them. Just about time, huh?
And he just sat there, holding his daughter while the fire slowly approached them.
Death Sawyer count : 16

And that didn’t include other causes that might kill him.

Gosh, he is really hard to kill.

It’s not sucks, it just too unrealistic.

The level of unrealistic action here are so overloaded, but I do enjoy the movie despite of my acrophobia attack.
The Rock once again prove that there are more than just muscles behind those warm smile. He is an actor, and he is unstoppable.

As for the movie, I think they deliver the value quite literally, “Courage has no limits”.
Other than the scene in the trailer that almost 50% lost in the movie, I have no complain.
That is not bad at all.

Personal Rating : ★★★ out of 5

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