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Where is She? [Dummy Review : Searching]

Where is She? [Dummy Review : Searching]

What would a father do to find his missing daughter?

This is basically what this movie about, you can tell from the trailer, though.

Scroll down for more spoilers.



With a modern and relatable marketing approach (promoting through social media with hashtag and stuff), this movie caught my attention. To be honest, I am kind of a person who would rather watch ‘heavy family movie’ at my house instead of cinema. Heavy family movie here mostly referred to movies that the mainframe of the story involve a member of family missing, kidnapped, or worse, killed. Then another member of the family, either it was the father or the mother would come to the rescue. For example, Taken 1-3.
And yes, that wasn’t really my favorite genre.

But this one is slightly different.

The main idea is same, but how they packed it into a modern-ish style is amusing.
It is amusing watching a movie started with a Windows XP screen. And that wasn’t just the beginning. The whole story literally told in that format.

Story began with the happy montage of David Kim’s (John Cho) family. He and his wife, Pam (Sara Sohn) have a daughter, Margot (potrayed by several child actress through out the movie, later potrayed by Michelle La). From Pam’s account in their PC, we could see that Pam is a memories collector. She collected all the memories from Margot’s early life until her middle school.
We could also see how Margot slowly following her mom by organizing her life on PC.

Here we get to know that Pam got cancer. She successed on fighting it, but had relapse not long after that.
Sadly, Margot lost her mother before she went to high school.

And here’s the real story started.

Margot, now a high schoolar, went to a biology study group with her friend, went missing for more than 24 hours. What’s left from her was just her laptop and a couple of missed call to her father’s phone.
Panicked, David called the police and Detective Vick (Debra Messing) was assigned to his case.

David would do everything to find Margot, including searching though her laptop to find the fact that he doesn’t really know his daughter all this time.
He doesn’t know that her daughter has been taking weed with his own brother, Peter (Joseph Lee), so that she could feel better. He doesn’t know that her daughter have a live-streaming account where she interacted with another account who ended up being a fake account. He also doesn’t know that her daughter stopped taking piano classes and collecting the money only to sent it to an online account.
All revealed on Detective Vick’s report, until an ex-prisoner confessed that he did killed Margot the night she went missing.

See, we’re living in the digital era where everything could be done online.  And they delivered it neatly in this movie. It’s almost like we were watching what David Kim seeing the whole time in order to find his daughter. It gaves us the idea to think like David, and to have the feeling that something is not right with the end that Margot is death.


Turned out David was right.
All the fact they found before leading to the conclusion of Margot’s death is not true.
Margot is alive and left behind in the bottom of the cliff, just simply because a boy who had crush on her accidentally pushed her away.
And the boy’s mom has been helping her son to cover it up.

Plot twist, that boy is Detective Vick’s son.


The main idea and the plot twist are all amusing to watch.
They put us in the point of views that we don’t usually see in movies these days. We got to see from David’s point of view on Margot’s laptop or on his video conversation with Detective Vick on Facetime. We got to see from public’s point of view through the news on TV.
They gave us the feeling that we wasn’t just a watcher, but we are also part of that story. Story on how far could parent go to save their children.

For me personally, this is a really nice piece of art in our modern days.

Personal Rating : ★★★★★ out of 5

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